about arts & ego

Hi! My name is dylan harris. Welcome to arts & ego, my personal website. Please do mosey about, there’s tons of stuff here: blog, books, music, photos, podcast, poetry, visual arts, and so on. It’s my stuff mostly, some of it my dad’s; anything that isn’t mine is acknowledged. As I said, arts & ego!

My geek in me is pointlessly proud that arts & ego is a static site, hand–coded in HTML and CSS. It was originally written with Notepad, as per a certain tradition, but is now edited with xCode, vi, and the gratchy sed.

Images were made by pointing a Nikon D300 (or a Pentax ME Super) and pressing a button, often at the same time. The results are demangled by Aperture (RIP), or remangled by Studio Artist. Noise is descreeched with Soundtrack Pro (RIP). Everything’s disorganised by abusing perforce. Other tools are misused too.

leaves, out of focus